Our wedding party

                            Officiating: Pastor Josh Walters, Seacoast Church

Josh Walters is one of the campus pastors at the Long Point Campus at Seacoast Church. A Univ of South Carolina graduate, Josh is married to his wife Katie and has 5 beautiful little ones at home. Ryan and Jenna first met Josh at the Rugged Maniac Mud Run in 2012 but have know Josh from his sermons at Seacoast for as long as they have been attending. In the fall of 2012 Jenna and Ryan began Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marriage and Relationship Counseling with Josh and they still meet regularly. Jenna and Ryan are blessed to call Josh one of their key spiritual mentors and advisors. His fresh and positive outlook on God's Word, and life always helps and they are honored to have Josh marrying them.   

                      Maid of Honor: Angela Olivo, Jenna's childhood best friend
Angela and Jenna met way back in eighth grade, actually by accident. After a few "pager" messages, an "older boyfriend" in ninth grade, Brandy's song "The Boy is Mine" and Jenna paging the wrong Angela, we became instant friends! To this day, it still makes us laugh a lot...golly did we think we were SO cool back then. Little did we know, we were only going to get even cooler 16 years later. ;) P.S. Angela was at church with Jenna the Sunday Ryan and Jenna locked eyes on each other. We waited in the dag gone church parking lot for twenty minutes hoping he would come out. No luck, however, one week later, Jenna met her prince! :)
Tatiana Cvetovac, Jenna's childhood best friend
Tatiana and Jenna met when they were about four years old. We were somewhat neighbors and our older brothers were best friends. One day, Tatiana's brother asked her to walk down to David's house to meet his sister, Jenna. Next thing you know, the girls were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at Nano's house next door, and the rest is history. No matter if we are near or far, old or young, God always finds a way to keep us close in heart.
Britta Vorhies, Ryan's beautiful sister
Britta is Ryan's adorably gorgeous little sister. :) Jenna and Britta officially met when Jenna came to visit in Houston. The minute they met, Jenna knew God answered her prayer. Jenna doesn't have any sisters by blood, but golly Britta is the next best thing! While visiting, Britta taught Jenna the true meaning of "this ain't my first rodeo"! We had the best time at the Houston Live Stock & Rodeo show. We are so blessed to have Britta standing by our side as we become husband and wife! We love you Britta! Oh and don't even think about it boys....this fabulous, christian gem is not on the market at the wedding. We WILL be watching you! ;)
Lisa Aquila, Kyle's fiancé! :)
Lisa is Jenna's brother, Kyle's, fiancé! Lisa has been apart of the Savoca family for about a decade and we are so excited for their wedding in October! Lisa couldn't be a more perfect match for Kyle. :) Jenna is especially thankful for the relationship Lisa and her mom have. With Jenna being so far away, it makes her feel so comforted knowing that Mama Sandi has a daughter there for her! Love you Lisa!
Melissa Armstrong, Jenna's cousin
Jenna was one of the first friends Melissa ever had, whether she liked it or not. ;) Jenna was very young, and to her, it was like a real live baby doll! Jenna would beg to sleep over Aunt Ruthann and Uncle Greg's house see Melissa. Aunt Ruthann would make her yummy spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies and we would have the best sleepovers. Melissa went to a christian college in Manitoba, Canada and currently lives in Winnipeg with her boyfriend Colten. We can't wait to see them at the wedding!
Grace Muldrow, Jenna's South Carolina Sista!
Two words: Grace Muldrow. :) Grace and Jenna met in college at Coastal Carolina where they were placed together as roommates. While Jenna was unpacking her bedroom, her dad came in to tell her he had met what he thought was going to be her new best friend. Why? Because Grace was wearing a tank top that said "good girls gone bad". Oh Lordy! Ten years later, and Grace can still rock that top. Grace and all of the Muldrows/Sprotts have become my southern family, and I sure am blessed. Not only are they fabulous, they sure know how to party! God bless Cherry Ann's skinny margaritas, USC gamecocks, boiled peanuts and fried turkey on Thanksgiving. Thanks to y'all I realized I grew up as a southern trapped in a yankee's body...praise The Lord I got out as fast as I could! ;)
Erica Quattlebaum, Jenna's sister by God :)
Erica and Jenna met at their first meeting in Apples of Gold, what quickly became their Women's Group. Erica was there the MOMENT Ryan came up and hit on Jenna at church. Since Jenna was flustered/nervous/excited/ and filled with butterflies, it was fun hearing Erica's reaction of what really went down during Ryan and Jenna's first encounter. For the record he was way more nervous than Jenna. ;)
As Erica and Jenna individually grew stronger in their walks with Christ, so did their relationship with each other. It continues to incredibly amaze them how much God is working in their lives.
Thank you, Erica for showing me, time and time again, that our amazing God is SO good and can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. :)
Colleen Bryan, Jenna's other sister by God :)
Colleen and Jenna are both Coastal alumni, but never met until Jenna joined Apples of Gold. Colleen is a Daughter of the King. Colleen and Jenna grew close during the 2012 Daniel Fast. We will never forgot one special Daniel Fast dinner, Colleen, Erica and Jenna had. Let's just say the conversation started to focus around Colleen wanting to serve the Lord more and stop searching for her future mister. Next thing you know, Colleen meets Tim and they are getting married in June! We couldn't be happier as Tim is the perfect man for her! Just another example of God answering desires of your heart.
Colleen, who is always full of wisdom, insight, generosity, and compassion, will forever be a special friend. Thank you for showing me what it's like to be a woman of Christ and touching my life in more mays than you'll ever know. Love you!
                                                        Flower Girls…
Kateri, Molly, Campbell, and Cecilia Quinlivan
You may wonder why in the world we would have four flower girls...ask Parents, Eric and Susie how they do it. haha! These darling girls are all sisters and "Ms. Savoca" has taught two of them. If she wasn't venturing off to the North Pole in June, she'd being teaching three of them come fall. The Quinlivan's are a family that will forever have a special place in Jenna's heart. These girls represent the love and passion of teaching at Whitesides Elementary. Full of love, life, manners, and big hearts, these four, precious, little ones are any parent's dream. Well at least in Jenna's eyes. I'm sure Eric and Susie may beg to differ some days, haha! Are you sure we can't take them with us to Anchorage? :) Thank you for letting us share our wedding with y'all. We will forever look back on our pictures and memories of our special day, and think of the many wonderful teaching memories that were had!
                                                    Ring Bearer…Bax Harmon
Bax is a ladies man, and we are sure he will show you that with his four fabulous flower girls in the wedding. Who wouldn't fall in love with a three year old stud, who can rock out dance moves to Gangnam Style and Motor Boatin'. Bax is the son of Bobby and Brianna Harmon, and now is also a big brother to baby Blake! We spent the last two Christmas Eves with the Harmons and Philips (Brianna's parents, Kathi and Bryan), and this year Bax had us laughing for hours. We are thrilled and honored to have Bax and family apart of the fun!

                                                The Groomsmen and Ushers

Best Man - Chance Harridge

Chance and Ryan first met in 2000 while on the football team at the Air Force Academy. An instant friendship began that grew over their four years together in Colorado. Chance, originally from Georgia, went on to become the starting quarterback amassing an impressive collegiate career. After graduation, Chance stayed on to coach as a graduate assistant and Ryan was a teaching assistant on the faculty and they roomed together. Pilot training split the two apart but several years later, Chance was also assigned to the C-17 in Charleston and they were together once again in the same town. Chance is currently back in Colorado on staff at the Academy. He is married to the former Miss Amanda Thurber (also a Georgian). Chance and Ryan have always been blessed to share a brotherhood of the Academy and the military but also a friendship spanning over 13 years and still running. Through good times and bad, happiness and dark times, the two have always been there for each other and cherish a future lifelong friendship and brotherhood.


Drew Vorhies - Ryan's only brother and 5 years his junior, Drew is also an Air Force Academy graduate and currently serves as a maintenance officer at Moody AFB, GA on his 2nd assignment. A fierce and loyal alumni, Drew's passion for the State of Texas and the Air Force are arguably unchallenged. Seemingly always happy and full of energy, Ryan is honored to have his only brother at his side for the wedding.

Jim Morretti - Jim and Ryan were Pilot Training Classmates at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas/eastern Mexico in 2005-2006. From Pittsburgh, one would be wise not to challenge the status of the Steelers or their place in football lore in front of Jim. Jim flies KC-135 air refuelers for the Pittsburgh Air National Guard and recently was hired with Atlas Air, a major US cargo contractor, flying 747 cargo jets.

David Underwood - another pilot training classmate, Dave is also a 2004 USAFA graduate. Dave and Ryan first met in California attending prep school for the Academy and have been friends ever since. An F-16 fighter pilot by trade, Dave recently took a break from flying and is serving as an liaison officer for the US Army. Dave and his wife Randi have two beautiful little girls.

Ben Simmerman - a proud West Virginia native, Ben was Ryan's right hand motorcycle partner throughout pilot training. Bombing through west Texas dodging bandits, vultures and deer, the two mapped out most of the southwestern state of Texas on their scooters. Ben flys C-130s for the WV Guard. The two friends have always stayed close since pilot training and Ben often makes it a point to swing through Charleston on his travels to say hello and stay in touch.

Brock Schnute - another Georgia boy, Brock and Ryan were at the Academy in 2000 but didn't see each for years as Brock transferred back to Georgia and UGA. Then in 2007 when Ryan reported for duty at the 14th Airlift Squadron in Charleston, Brock was there also a fairly new copilot. Brock and Ryan have been flying together ever since having served together on multiple deployments. Brock recently returned from a yearlong "assignment" to Greece. He's back in the C17 now. A gifted athlete Brock is competing in the Woodlands, TX  Ironman this May. 

David Savoca - Jenna's oldest brother, David and Jenna both attended Coastal Carolina in Myrtle Beach, SC. David and his wife Wendy still reside in Myrtle Beach where David works in Hotel Management.

Kyle Savoca - Jenna's younger brother, Kyle graduated from Ohio University is employed in the financial industry. Living in Cleveland, Kyle is marrying his long time sweetheart Lisa in October of this year. Lisa is also one of Jenna's Bridesmaids.

                                            Ushers/Military Saber Bearers

 All 6 of these officers and gentlemen are close friends of the Groom. All currently fly the C-17 and have (or are currently) serving with Ryan in C-17 Special Operations in Charleston.

Nick Parise - an Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute graduate, Nick is about to move to Seattle, WA to continue flying the C-17. He and his fiancé Michelle, a physical therapist, are getting married in Charleston this October.

Matt Thomas - proud Purdue Alumni, Matt is stationed at the C-17 schoolhouse in lovely Altus, Oklahoma with his wife Sarah, also a pilot and Purdue alumni.

Brad Lane - Brad and Ryan were partners in multiple C-17 upgrade training programs and flew together on several deployments. Brad and his wife Jade, a Defense Department contractor, also are stationed in Altus, OK were Brad is a schoolhouse instructor pilot.

Noah Davis - another Ohio Bobcat in the wedding party, Noah is still stationed in Charleston. He and his wife Lauren, an Air Force contracting officer, just welcomed their first child, Sophia this last fall.

Brad Willis - we need some more Georgia folks in this wedding huh? Another UGA alumni, Brad and his wife Ansley (an attorney), are stationed here in Charleston.

Matt Thurber - the final Georgian of the group, a fellow '04 USAFA alumni, Matt was a T-6 first assignment instructor pilot and then went on to fly F-16s. He then wised up and came over the best airplane in the Air Force, the C-17. Matt and Kathleen have two little boys and Matt's little sister is married to the Best Man. 



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